The Great Lakes Wind Truth is a collection of persons and groups around the Lakes, who discovered a mutual need to increase knowledge of the fragility of the Lakes and Basin systems, and who are completely committed to defeating any single industrial wind project single or multiple, that would upset delicate ecosystems, compromise water supplies, and negatively affect fishing, boating, migration routes, and the complex underwater life and lake bottom, that has already been compromised over time.

Wind Power (an oxymoron) does not work. World wide it is known that it does not produce meaningful electricity: about point two of one percent, net zero. It is not clean, not green, and not safe and free. So why would we agree to put massive industrial, oil and lubricant bearing, carbon fibre (blades),  toxic rare earth elements (magnets), into the Lakes, with no net gain? We would not, simply.

We have successfully defeated several projects, but are still vigilant as there continue to be attempts to industrialize our mutual Lakes and Basin areas.  We need your help. While the knowledge about the uselessness and dangers of industrial wind gather like a storm, yet there are those who have been misled by our own governments and agencies originally developed to PROTECT.

Read on, and join us!

Ohioans Cheer New Jersey’s wind turbine decision

NORM SCHULTZ JAN 29, 2019 ON THIS LINK TO FIND MORE INFORMATION ON HOW TO SAVE LAKE ERIE FROM INDUSTRIAL WIND: Lake Erie Marine Trades Association, Norm Schultz Boating... read more →

Sierra Club disputed, fake news

Sierra Club deals in fake news, fake endorsements Union-Sun Journal Daniel Engert 7 January 2019 The ill-conceived Lighthouse Wind project in Somerset was first proposed by Apex Clean Energy in... read more →
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