Letter to Mary Mertz DNR re Icebreaker

RE: SIX TURBINE PROPOSAL OFFSHORE AT CLEVELAND, ICEBREAKER WINDPOWER INC. OPSB CASE  #16-1871-EL-BGN Dear Ms. Mertz and Mr. Gray, We are writing to you regarding the proposed six wind turbine project, really 1400 to 1700 plus, now called Icebreaker Windpower, 6-8 miles offshore of Cleveland. We are profoundly concerned, but hopeful now that Governor DeWine and a refreshed PUCO are in place. We are sending our congratulations. In all truth, we need a complete moratorium for the Great Lakes, as Ontario, Canada has enacted. This would safeguard drinking water for tens of millions both sides of the border, and ensure that the contaminants within the turbines, including more than 400 gallons of oil and lubricants in each turbine which leaks and has to be replenished, carbon fiber blades that cannot be recycled, toxic rare earth elements from China in the magnets, and a compendium of other metals and plastics, also most of which will most likely be left in situ after a very short life span of producing next to nothing. (To date, the public and supporting legislators of the US and Canada have achieved five Canadian side moratoria including the 2011 Ontario offshore moratorium, the end of the NY … Continue reading Letter to Mary Mertz DNR re Icebreaker