Our Mission

  • We commit to a zero tolerance for the harm done to people and wildlife and the economy during the expansion of wind power in and around the Great Lakes, and work to have offending projects mitigated or removed, legally
  • Work to effect the end of wind and solar subsidies as quickly as possible
  • Work to effect any and all moratoria necessary to end the proliferation of wind (and solar factories) in and around the Lakes; continue to monitor and defend the Ontario moratorium, and prepare to advance the same for the USA
  • Continue to educate the public, policy makers, think tanks, universities, schools, industry, unions, financial institutions, in Canada and the USA, about the net negative impacts of wind factories
  • Continue to provide support to all with education, speakers, writers, and advocacy
  • Work to expand the existing knowledge of impacts to health, the environment, economy, and wildlife
  • Work to engage the politicians at all levels and share with each other ongoing developments
  • Work with any and all existing and new groups with shared vision
Please help us keep the Great Lakes free from Eco Junk